.copyleft!_ & credits_

.copyleft!_ , .-_-. , 2010

.you are free to appropriate the related content as you wish, as long as you use a copyleft license to redistribute_
.however giving credits and choosing free/open formats are nice_

.libre canvas: i’d appreciate it if you appropriate my work_
50 x 70 (or 70 x 50) cm
blank canvas with a .copyleft!_ notice on the back
.copyleft!_ , .-_-. , 2010

.libre canvas_ is a free/libre work of art in the form of an object. get in contact with .-_-. and ask for this original work of art. .-_-. will make one .libre canvas_ for you and you can have this free/libre work of art for “free” as a gift, if you go meet .-_-..libre canvas_ has been given for free to the people who got in contact with .-_-. between 2010 and 2013 and asked for a .libre canvas_ but peers of free culture at httpdot.net do not appropriate the distributed identity .-_-. anymore and you cannot get a .libre canvas_ for "free" from httpdot.net. however you are most welcome and encouraged to appropriate the distributed identity .-_-. and give .libre canvas_ to the other people, for free.

. all the images and text about this work of art by .-_-. are also .copyleft!_
.-_-. also encourages you to share all your photos and texts about this work with free/libre licenses, preferably as copyleft_

.-_-. also encourages you to copyleft the art work of you would make by appropriating .libre canvas_

.this page was created sometime in 2010, and last updated on 19.08.2018